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I’ve got my publicist making the rounds and shutting down my social networking sites. We’re putting up a test pattern while we’re off the air and cleaning house.  What does “cleaning house” mean? Why am I doing it? When did I decide to do it? Let’s do them in reverse order. We’ll deal with where & who later.

I only just decided after landing in an empty spot that it doesn’t do anything for my cause; my mission. People aren’t getting it and that’s fine, but it makes me feel stupid pushing it for a few morsels. Not when the energy going into promotion of a growing product is taking precedence over the growing of the product.

There absolutely is something more to offer you have not heard. A lot of it. The kind of music you will come back to because it will grow on you. An amalgamation of the familiar with an original twist of a man that knows what he is capable of. Gee that sounds really good but, in fact, it’s not recorded in releasable form of a sort I would be moderately satisfied with. I have everything here to do good quality demos of my music, and as alluded to in my last blog, that direction is in my heart. It’s an “or” not an “and” world.

You may have This OR That. You may not have This AND That. Not much more on the when or why after that, huh? Good. So, we are left with what, where, and who.

Here’s what I have directed.  The Facebook account is deactivated , and MySpace & Twitter accounts are also disconnected from my ReverbNation site. An immediate drop over 300 fans…not good for RN artist statistics but I no longer view it as something important.  It truly buys nothing. I have placed a few samples of my work in a few ears, established a musical identity, and feel unbound from being a stat chaser. 

So, if we were hooked up in any of these places, it’s a wash…I disconnected, okay? Don’t get mad. Sit tight, I’ll be back and hopefully you will see me reappear on your radar with the goods. Frankly, my music never got much play though any of these places so I don’t view this as a real loss of fans. They’re duplicates of RN fans for the vast part. So who are we kidding with these inflated fan numbers?

If I think these accounts will be places that my fans will find my music at some point in the future, like I said, we can reactive/sync up these accounts at that time. I have no doubt a few folks might miss me in those places eventually. But let’s face it. They don’t need me and they’re going to get over it really quickly.

Off the air is one thing, but I have only just described pulling the plug on things that remain entities but just been rendered dormant.

But I am also struck with a bit of a “moral” crisis in what I am about to do about ReverbNation Favorites. Well, that might have bothered me before but now it’s going to proceed with a clean conscience. The pure fact is that I am a fan of a lot of artists I gave support to that fanned back but never listened back. I mean a LOT of support. Months of playing the RN My Favorites 24/7 in a mission to expand my listener base. Catch the right ear.

Well, I have caught a few ears on RN, and none on FB or the others so I have to let them go. Life is too short to expend that much energy and get basically nothing back. That’s okay, I give, I don’t demand something back. But if nothing is forthcoming, I’m outta there in a Flash Jordan!

I am a very patient man for a long time — until each resource has been exhausted. There’s a limit to time & patience, and a need to recognize one’s arrival at the point of diminishing returns.

So bottom line?  Over 300 linked-fans on RN have been cut loose, leaving almost exactly 1000 RN fans. Almost all of that thousand I am a “fan” of.  But again, truth be told, they got something from me that they were too busy or thoughtless or whatever to return. They didn’t value me as a fan that supported them. Well if I am not valuable to someone, then I do them a disservice in association to all parties.

I know when I am not wanted. No, not the whiney version of that. The realistic version. Hey, don’t want it? That’s okay, it’s a big world and it is actually a very small segment of it that will love what I do. But, indeed! They will love it…my niche.

Seriously, it’s some of the best of the best have recognized my special talents in fields other than music, and that’s because I learned to look in the right places. Social networking is a vast sea with many swimmers. I am going in a less crowded direction, a more simple focus. It must be for the music…to complete the task of a lifetime.

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